onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Yadkin Music Festival day 3

I had the chance to come online also for the last day of the amazing festival, and the Yadkin SIM was invaded by a large amount of happy avatars, i really enjoyed the live concert from UKD, it was the first time i heard about them, the singer was swedish but if i remember right living in Italy. After the concert i went with some friends to the camping facility and had a nice chat with the organisation team, everyone was so happy but tired, my own conclusion is that, this special week end was without a doubt the biggest and most appreciated event in the Swedish Virtual World of Secondlife, hopefully a similar event will take place next year before summer. Cheers

15.00 Skivor till kaffet med Jändan & Semlan – Växthuset
17.00 DJ Kicki spelar dansbandsmusik – Måndagsbörsen
19.00 DJ Fia - Dansgolvet vid Stora Scenen
21.00 DJ Tor - Dansgolvet vid Stora Scenen
23.00 UKD Projekt – Stora Scenen

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  1. Tack för dom fina inläggen och orden NEO!! Kraaaaaam