lördag 15 oktober 2011

Yadkin Valley Music Festival Day 1

I showed upp a few minutes before 7PM for the inauguration of the Gimle Media Center, and everything looks fine and a massive invasion of avatars, after that it was time for Lars Vegas to play live and it was also his first appearance in Secondlife, Lars did it very well and managed well to play music in SL, after that we went to the Grodan Pub and listen to DJ IX that for the evening mixed good tunes from Eurovision, at that stage i had so many SL beers and feelt a bit tired, and the evening ended with DJ Apollon with a very good mix of tunes as well. In short everything worked fine and everyone seemed to be very happy with the program, i haven´t heard about any fightings or scandals or vandalism, i have only heard complains about the Falcon beer.

Cheers !

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