tisdag 3 januari 2012


I had to check if NE0 was still alive in the virtuell world OS GRID, actually my time to Secondlife is very limited right now and of course it is affecting som other activities for that reason i have only used OS GRID three times, i am still not familiar with OS GRID, it looks as a copy of Secondlife, but still it is not like the "original" i am using the same viewer as Secondlife which makes it easier, from what i understood everything is cheaper in OS GRID but when i logged in only 100 users online, probably they are old Secondlife Users trying new stuff in this virtual world.


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  1. Haha I tried OS grid a very, very, long time ago!

    I looked the same way as I originally looked in SecondLife and there were no shops there to change it (that I could find) and I had to try to build my own shoes (I gave up and just walked around in black socks instead) I never went back.

    At that time there were only 15 others logged in to that world and none of them would answer any questions!