fredag 3 februari 2012

Secondlife Failure

It has happen a few times during my 4 years in Secondlife....Tonight it happens once more, special feelings, i am not perfect and will never be, i do mistakes and i will always do,....Take a Joint...breath...Relax...

4 kommentarer:

  1. Right on, NEO, breathe deep and relax. Non of us our perfect and never make mistakes, but some of us think they are and cannot show forgiveness!

    It is a great thing you, Apollon and Vira are doing with the SEMA 2011, be content with that and forget the rest of the shit.

    Tomorrow will be a great day to celebrate the people who work hard to entertain us week after week after week.

    Let us all have a lot of fun and to hell with the rest! Keep you YEAHAWWWWS ready ;)

  2. Ugh "our" in the first sentence should be "are" ;)

  3. NEO , YOU ARE THE GREATEST.. remember that.. Always..
    The spider in the web ......
    Hugs tight/FanFan Babii

  4. Life would be very boring if everybody was perfect! You are GREAT just the way you are. You care, you have great idéas and you do a lot of things to bring joy in our "second" life.

    SEMA 2011 was a great idéa and event!! Too bad the critical voices is so much louder than the positive ones...

    Big hug to you, Apollon and Vira!!