måndag 9 april 2012

Angel in Secondlife

From time to time you will find some angels in secondlife, tonight i found one, at a new club called "Muckers"
the music was very mixed and the audience too. I had to check the Angels profile i thought it might has been some nice readings.

Profile :

1. A/S/L
not 30, not female, not United Kingdom. Beyond that, if I want you to know, I'll tell you.

2. Are you really a girl?
not Yes. However I really honestly don't care whether you believe it or not and no, I will not send you naked pictures of myself or prove it to you in any other way. Live with it.

3.Can I add you as a friend?
Please don't ask as I will more than likely say no and I don't wish to offend you.

4. Will you have sex with me?
Bugger off.

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