onsdag 27 mars 2013

Cloud Party - where is the Party?

I had some free time today before login into Second Life, i checked both Facebook and Twitter accounts for the virtual world Cloud Party which i thought would be a quick growing world since many Second Life users has wrote a lot of positive things about this new virtual world, i was very surprised about the lack of activities in both twitter and facebook the last updates are from beginning of Feb.Cloud Party virtual world is almost one year now and only 1500 likes in Facebook for Cloud Party vs Second Life 298 000, and IMVU the monster with over 3,6 million likes, i have read in some forums that most people using cloud party are user that has used Second Life or other virtual world in the past, that means it´s extremely hard to find "new" users to virtual worlds, i have made some google search based on swedish results and not find any blogg started from new non second life user.../cheers.

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